Three Fall Trends to Try- Headwear Edition


There is finally a chill in the air and I can wear a sweater & scarf in the morning.  It’s still warming up in the afternoons, so wearing layers has been key. Fall outfits are fun for just that reason, you get to pull together a bunch of favorite pieces into one outfit that can take you from a Morning with temps in the mid 40’s to an afternoon high in the low 70’s.  Where I haven’t experimented much has been in fall headwear. I was so inspired by the colors & fabrics in this season’s collections, that I tried 3 different styles.

The Headband

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I have a secret love for velour.  Maybe it was the Juicy Couture sweatsuits of my early 2000’s, Britney Spears self that has me forever crushing on this fabric.  Maybe it just reminds me of Fall & the holidays to come, but when I saw this velour headband, I knew I had to give it a try. I’ve seen these perfectly styled with chunky knit sweaters, lace tops and flowing floral pants, effortlessly set atop long, beachy waves.  I’ve also seen messy buns and ponytails work. For me, I went for a braided bun. It felt more true to my personal style while stepping out of my comfort zone with something I don’t usually wear.

The Floppy Hat

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It’s the quintessential look for that Fall fashion blogger post. Knee high riding boots, plaid scarf, floppy hat!  Extra points if you can work a pumpkin spice latte into your Instagram post. So I channeled my inner JLo & tried this great black felt floppy hat.  And then I saw the picture of myself. I had to change and redo them. I am not a fashion blogger, the scarf and hat made me look like a misguided tourist & added a serious 15 pounds to my frame (I’m still nursing and it was just too much fabric over an already larger than usual upper body).  I put on a favorite Free People top with great lace detail and I looked like a cowgirl. Not like a Halloween cowgirl, but more like an old western movie, where I was the sheriff and no outlaw was allowed in my town!

The Beret

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While my sister was actually in Paris, I could only sit on my porch and dream.  When I saw this gorgeous red beret, I knew I had to have it. I’m a huge fan of red and thought that this would be so fun for Fall.  With the weather so nice in the afternoon, the beret paired perfectly with a romper & ankle boots. And I could not resist a good red lip with this look.  I made sure to wear a long wear liquid lipstick so I didn’t get any on my wine glass.

I surprisingly liked all of these trends.  The headband  took the most effort for me and was out of my comfort zone enough that although it was fun to try, I don’t think it will become a go to look for me.  The floppy hat is a must try, especially for those sunny afternoons where you’ll be outside. It’s a great way to protect your face from the sun & it really does compliment even the simplest of outfits.  It’s a great way to dress up jeans and tee. And last but certainly not least, the beret. This felt the most fashionable & feminine to me. I also think it would easily transition into the winter months for warmer, sunny days.  It paired nicely with a dressier outfit, perfect for lunch or wine tasting with the girls.

What do you think? Will you try any of these fall headwear trends?  Tell me about it in the comments below!

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